Sunday, October 30, 2011

Edi-ul-Azha Cards Collection

Islamic Greeting Cards

Greeting cards have been around for a long time. The concept and practice was originally started by the Chinese and the Egyptians, who used written messages to convey messages and greetings and glad tidings of the New Year and other occasions. The practice has since taken up speed and evolution. The small gesture of remembrance has since evolved into a religious activity. Not only that, it has also evolved into a full-fledged industry, speaking in terms of economic evolution.

The evolution of the Industry

This industry has also caught on to the Islamic culture, which is a fresh breath of air. One usually sees people underestimating the freedom Islam has offered to its followers. Outsiders believe that Islam essentially attempts to put an end to all things fun. However, this is so not true!

Concept of Greeting Cards in Islam

Islam allows a lot greater freedom and liberation. The only thing it emphasizes is moderation. This concept can be seen for one, in the Greeting Cards industry. Islam does not restrict the enjoyment one can derive from occasions. Therefore, it is perfectly halal to send and receive greeting cards. Exchange of greetings brings people closer, so what's stopping you from exchanging Eid Greeting Cards with those who are far away, or even with those who are nearby? It's always pleasant to receive something specially customized for you. Even Islam propagates caring for others and sharing happiness. So why not make the other person happy J If it brings a smile on another's face, and takes away his or her tensions even for a little while, if it makes someone feel loved and cherished and missed, why hold back the good deed? Exchange Islamic Greeting Cards and share the love the Islamic way.


Several themes are available for you to choose from so that you have a large array of options to assist you in expressing your feelings to your loved ones, be they far away or close by. These themes range from Eid, Wedding, Birthdays, and other special occasions such as important dates. It depends on you and what occasion and what day you feel is worth being celebrated. You decide when you want to remind your loved ones in a sweet and Islamic way that they are loved, being thought of, missed, and cherished.

These themes also include Wisdom - what better than a sweet Islamic Greeting Card to share Islamic Wisdom such as sayings, or pointers, or gentle and polite reminders; what better way to earn a good deed too!

Furthermore, there's no restriction on personalization of the cards. You can have your names you're your personalized greetings printed and written in live calligraphy too! There's no restriction to what occasion you want to celebrate, be it the fresh start of a new month, especially a month like Ramadan, or the joyous occasions of Eid, or the joyous occasion of Hajj.


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